Train Travel Germany

Train Travel in Germany is very comfortable, but you can use busses as well to save money.

The former state railways known as the Deutsche Bundesbahn became a private joint stock company (AG) in 1994 with headquarters in Berlin and is now called, Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG, DBAG or DB).

train travel germany

Go by ICE (Intercity-Express) high speed trains to all major cities.

train travel germany

Intercity Network

train travel germany

ICE - InterCityExpress train is fast. Reserve a seat. IC - Intercity trains run frequently to major cities

InterCity leaving Frankfurt Hbf

EC - Eurocity trains go to European cities in other countries.
RE - RegionalExpress is a local and long-distance train used by commuters in the rush hour. You can take your Bicycle with you, but go to a special waggon at the end of the train.


RB - RegionalBahn stops at every station and connects the smaller towns to city centres.
S-Bahn goes at frequent short time intervalls, like every 20 minutes or so and they stop everywhere. Get a daily ticket and check out Frankfurt or Berlin all day long for same price.
U-Bahn is nearly the same as S-Bahn for you, but it goes mostly underground and is often run by private companies.

Rail Passes
 If you travel for more than three days in Germany, get a German Rail Pass which will enable you to travel from 3 to 10 days within one month. This is much cheaper compared to buying single tickets.

German Rail Passes will reduce the price of normal rail travel in Germany for a traveler who lives outside of the European Union. There are different variations available. Ask at the information desk of the Deutsche Bahn.

The Weekend Ticket called Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket

A very good idea for fit people is to use a weekend ticket. You can go anywhere you like in Germany for just around 40,- Euro roughly. Check actual price as this is subject to changes but this ticket is valid only one day and you are not allowed to use fast Intercity trains. So what?

I went with a weekend ticket from Frankfurt to Westerland/Sylt in Northern Germany for a ridiculous price of 40.- Euro. It took me around 10 hours or more to get there. Who cares? And I had to change trains around five times. But I saved heaps of money.

And now it comes! You could take somebody else with you for free (probably up to five people for free), but I was on my own.

Imagine you go with your friend on ONE weekend ticket for just 40,- Euro from Munich to Hamburg, you save a lot of money, a few hundred Euro, I guess.

The information desk where you buy the ticket will print out a time-table where to change trains, so you have no worries at all. But be prepared, the trains will be full of people, so make sure you go early in the morning and when you change trains, then hurry up to get a seat. Go saturday or sunday morning at 7 am and go a long distance,  for example from Berlin to Frankfurt. The ticket is valid one day until after midnight till 3 am the following day.


Ich möchte ein Wochenend Ticket. Wieviel kostet das?
I want a weekend ticket. How much is it?
Ich fahre am Samstag. I go on saturday.

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