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I lived over 16 months at Sylt Germany. Sylt is a lovely and beautiful island in Northern Germany. The biggest town is Westerland. Sylt has around 21000 inhabitants and has a size of 99 km/sq.

The island is just 38 km long. Its widest distance is 12.6 km. It is exposed to the North Sea and loses land during storm tides. It is just a matter of time until it breaks apart at its smallest point. Every year they spend millions of euros to build back the sand the storms and the sea has taken away.

sylt germany

Sylt can be reached by train only. The Autozug called "Sylt-Shuttle" can carry cars and reaches Sylt by the Hindenburgdamm, which connects the island with the mainland. So you can take your car with you on the train.

Look at the image below. Sylt is on the left side.

sylt germany

On the right side of Sylt you see the Wadden Sea which is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. On the left side there is a rough sea. Walk along there for many hours each day and breathe in deeply. This is good for your lungs. Don't miss this opportunity to regenerate your lungs. Many people go there just to do this.

Sylt is an expensive place. Best is to book a private room before you go. You have to pay to go to the beach. To avoid this stay away from Westerland, the main town. You can use various footpath in other small towns to go to the beach for free. The beach is very long and is not controlled everywhere.

It can be cold and very windy. Take warm clothes with you in any case as the climate is rough and only for the tough guys.

Hey! Sylt is a Dream!

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