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The island Spiekeroog in Germany is one of the East Frisian Islands, situated between Langeoog to its west, and Wangerooge to its east. The island has only one village also called Spiekeroog.

spiekeroog germany

Spiekeroog is 18.25 km/sq and the shortest distance to the mainland is 5.7 km. The island is free of cars. There is a daily ferry service from the harbour of Neuharlingersiel to Spiekeroog.


Pictures from Spiekeroog

The 'Jonny Glut Trio' playing a song called "Sand in den Schuhn von Spiekeroog" in the 'Old Laramie' on the island Spiekeroog, Northern Sea, Germany. (Pentecost-concert / Pfingst-Konzert, 2007) Hubert Jebens (accordion) - Wolfgang Höfer (mandolin, guitar) - Daniel Focke (contrabass)

Jonny Glut - Sand in den Schuhn von Spiekeroog (english: Sand in the shoes of Spiekeroog)

Spiekeroog Weltkulturerbe Wattenmeer / Germany

The seals from the Spiekeroog seal shelter were set out back in to the Wadden Sea.

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