Refugees in Germany - more and more are coming..

Many Germans and many German Politicians are worried about the masses of refugees entering Germany. Germany seems to be unable to handle all this and gets no help from the European Members.

If there would not be all these unpaid voluntary helpers, the system would collapse in many places.

Can Germany integrate thousands of people from Syria, Afghanistan, Irak and Afrika every day? Nobody knows.

The German bureaucratic system is adjusting now as quickly as possible to be able to handle this enormous problem. It has too. It is a matter of survival.

more and more Refugees are coming to Germany
German Migrant Crisis
Refugee Crisis

My name is Zachar

Do you come from Syria?


- Berlin Germany, Registration Office in October 2015 -

Zachar, please tell us, how long have you been waiting here at this office?
25 days
And every day is like the other one?

Yes, every day things are repeating, but nothing has changed. They have promised to help us but we are waiting here daily in the rain and in the cold from 7-8 o'clock in the morning until the evening. But nothing changes.

And where do you live?

Every day at a different place.

And where did you sleep today?

In the camp.

And what do you eat?

They give us vegetables, cooked vegetables, and sandwiches with cheese. That's all.

Are you alone or with your family here?


I see here many little kids, for them, this situation must be hard to endure, or?

Yes, this is hard to endure, not only for little kids, but difficult for all of us. For normal people it is hard. And they treat us worse than animals.

Because of this problem with refugees, the German society is divided or could be divided related to this issue, refugees in Germany. Some are for and some are against refugees. What do you think about this...

This is understandable, but they should solve our problem and decide what should happen with us here in Germany. We stand here from the morning till the night, they should send our papers to the courts and the courts should decide who from us will get asyl and who will be deported. From all people here only 10% are from Syria, the other 90% are from Afghanistan, Iran, Serbia, Albania, Irak ... Many different people are here - from Nigeria, Vietnam... it is terrible, because they say in TV that it is the refugee crisis from Syria, but this is not right.

Did you know that the German Parliament has voted for a law yesterday that the refugees should get less money.

Ok, I came here to work to earn my own money. I didn't come here to get 300,- or 400,- Euro social aid and live on the community or something like that.

No, to the contrary, I want to work and pay taxes, but they should give us the papers quickly so that we can learn the language and start working. And there are many like me who came to work. The Syrer are generally very busy and are not avoiding hard work, but there are people from other countries who were escaped from starvation in their countries. And we, the Syrians, escape because of the war, everybody in the world knows this, that the war in Syria is already lasting since five years. There is a terrible war, in Syria, on our territory fight America, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia...terrible. And we, the civil population, have nothing to do with this war.

Zachar, the last question. If you have problems with the radical German inhabitants, who are against refugees?

No, I want to say the following. The Germans, the private people, have helped us a lot, they are very kind-hearted, this is true, believe me. There is also the police her who helps us a lot, but the authorities let us wait here in this situation for days. The people who work in these authorities and who decide over our situation, they are no Germans. There is an Indian who sits at the computer and who gives us the waiting this building works also a Nigerian, an Arab, a Turk. In reality no Germans are working in this building at all, there are only foreigners, who earlier came to Germany as migrants like we do. And they treat us as if we would take away their food or something like this.

What happened there now, the shouting over there?

They have switched off the screen which is showing the waiting numbers. Our "work" for today is finished, Feierabend.

I wish you luck, everything will be fine.

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