Plauer See

The Plauer See is a lake located in eastern Germany, south of the city Rostock and west of Lake Muritz.

The lake has an area of 38,4 km/sq, a length of 14 km, a width of 4.8 km, a maximum depth of 25.5 metres.

Around the lake there are many touristic facilities and camping sites. Get information at the town Plau nearby.

The lake is surrounded by cycling tracks.

plauer see

Camping- and Holidaypark at the Plauer See

Plauer See

Published on Mar 1, 2014
At the end of February, a relaxing day. The lake has beautiful blue colors, which appear to be like painted by an artist. All colors of this video are original, even the "liquid gold". The video was made near Malchow and Zislow.

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