Living in Germany - What disturbs you the most?

collected opinions about the problems you encounter living in Germany ....

Rhein Main area

"Many people are horribly negative, passive aggressive, pick apart every word you say, stiff, shoot down your dreams if you made the mistake to tell someone about them."


"People in Cologne are pretty chill, only place I've been in Germany where you'd have random fun conversations on the Streetcar, people in Munich are friendly but versnobbt, people in Berlin are assholes -- only place I've been where strangers would say passive aggressive shit to me on the tram."- by MrDesignerMan

Lack of queuing skills.

"If someone's at a counter paying for stuff, you wait behind the person and you give them a bit of space. You do not stand next to them and drop your stuff onto the counter too. Same goes for when someone's putting in their PIN. Give them some fucking space! Standing next to me in the queue is also not going to get to you the front of the queue any quicker. Stand behind me!" - by PhoenixNoir

Negativity of Germans

The unbearable negativity and pessimism of Germans.


"Stupidly high taxes, stupidly awkward car registration, commission from rental companies who do nothing, TV licence but dire quality programming, cant change the dubbing on TV programmes, ATMs are few and far between and the wrong one charges are fortune. Lack of roundabouts, poor customer service at restaurants, shops shut on a sunday. Lots more too, cant say I find anything disturbing though and after you adapt to the differences its really a great country to live in." - by Corona 21


"Maybe it's because I've recently spent one year in Japan, where people are really polite, I now find people in Germany to be very rude. From not saying "thank you", "please", "sorry" & "excuse me" to those impatient people in line at the cashier at the supermarket that will always push their cart in my back just because they are in a hurry."

Opening Hours

Also, opening hours, especially of official institutions are a joke. The Prüfungsamt at my old university was opened everyday from 9 to 12, except tuesday, when it was from 2 pm to 4 pm. And you could also only call them from 10 to 12. And of course only during Vorlesungszeit." - Mrshobutt

"So many offices have the most shit times! How the hell am I, as a working single guy, supposed to make it to them when I work until 4-5PM every day? Oh maybe I'll go on Wednesday when I have my short day? Nope. Fucking closed at twelve that day. Then I guess I'll just go on Thursday when it's open till 6, oh look at that, a queue the size of Montana, fuck yes." - Ruetero

GEZ & GEMA, Maklergebühren

Everybody seems to hate the GEZ fees. Me too. Even if you don't have a tv, radio, laptop, computer or anything of that sort you still have to pay it.

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