Leibzig Germany

Come and visit Leipzig Germany as it has become an amazing city. It is called "the city of music" and was a dark Eastern Bloc city in earlier times. But today Leipzig is a vibrant and interesting city. It has many cafes, galleries and beautiful parks. Go dancing in the clubs until 4AM. It is not a popular tourist place so you won't get overrun by tourists there.

leibzig germany

It is a good idea to get a day ticket for the tram and explore the city. This way you can quickly find the interesting spots, especially visit the big park that expands across the city where you can do many things. And don't forget the very interesting museums and exhibitions.

Industrial architecture attracts visitors worldwide. You should make an effort to discover the small, nearly invisible things that make Leibzig lovable. You will find it exciting I promise, especially the nightlife. Have fun.

Walking tour Leipzig, Germany

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