Learn German Phrases

Watch the videos below and learn German phrases. Try to memorize a lot of them and see if it helps to comprehend the German language better.

As standard phrases occur quite often in daily life it is definately useful and makes sense to learn a lot of them. But try to understand the spelling and the grammar of them as well. What you understand will stay in your mind more easily and longer compared to words that make no sense to you. It is hard to remember words if you don't know how they are spelled.

Appointment Hairdresser - Frisör

Making a Date

At the hairdressers - Beim Frisör

Shopping / Shops - Einkaufen gehen

At the Supermarkets - Im Supermarkt

Soccer - Fussball

Soccer Vocabulary - Fussball Vokabeln

At the Baker's - Beim Bäcker


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