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The following videos will help you to learn German online. You will see and listen to useful german conversations and learn often used expressions. Try to memorize them and build a solid base of German words.

Always keep in mind that there are two forms to address a person: formal and informal.

The formal address uses Sie (for people you don't know very well, for your boss at work.) and the informal (for friends and family members) uses Du.


Formal:  Herr Schmidt, woher kommen Sie? (Mister Smith, where do you come from?)
Informal: Jo, woher kommst du?    (Jo, where do you come from? - same meaning)

All nouns are capitalized. For example: Der Mann steht an der Bushaltestelle.
(The man stands at the busstop)

German Greetings

Greetings and Questions

Having Breakfast


I know it is hard to follow a conversation in German in the beginning because your ear is just too slow to pick it up. But if you hear it often enough it finally starts to sink in.

Try to memorize certain phrases which occur very often and start from there.

Just keep on listening and make a trip to Germany one day. This will definitely improve your ability to speak, as you will be listening to German all day long.

On the street.
This one is a bit difficult but just stop the video to read the phrases.

Street Conversations

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