Langeoog Germany

The island Langeoog in Germany consists of sand only and is located in the North Sea. It is one of the seven populated East Frisian Islands and is around 20 km/sq large. See map below, Langeoog (long island) is marked with white arrow.


This island has a population of around 1700 inhabitants who live mainly on tourism. The beach is 14 km long.

Langeoog Ferry

You can reach Langeoog by ferries from Bensersiel port on the mainland. Cars are not allowed on the island so leave it on the mainland. The people on the island use bicycles and some companies use electric cars. You can rent a bicycle or use a horse carriage taxi.

Langeoog is linked by railway and also has a small airport.

You can rent guest rooms and there are also several hotels and a youth hostel.

The air is clean and good for people who have respiratory problems.

Gabis Lieblingsinsel

Gabis favorite island.

Langeoog - Lass mich nie mehr los

Langeoog - never let me go again.

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