Lake Schwerin Germany

The lake Schwerin is located in northern Germany between the towns Schwerin and Hohen Viecheln east of Lübeck and is 24,8 kilometers long and up to 6 Kilometer wide and has an area of 61,54 sq/km. The lake is surrounded by smaller lakes.

lake schwerin germany

Rundfahrt (Tour) on the Lake Schwerin

Schwerin - A City with Twelve Lakes

Silent Glider above Schwerin

The lake Schwerin is one of the best places in Germany to catch predatory fish and is known for its high levels of fish, especially Pikes and Zander (are often called pike-perch spezies).

The ground of the lake consists of uneven hilly ground, but has also flat terrain that favors predatory fish.

The levels of Zander have grown over the years and you can also catch big Pikes at times.

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