How to fish for Catfish in Germany

The wels catfish (in german "der Wels" or "Flusswels") is the biggest riverfish in Europe. If you want to know how to fish for catfish then watch the videos below. It lives in central, southern, and eastern Europe. Boy, some of them are such big bastards.

The catfish is active during the night and eats living or dead fish, insects, worms, frogs, ducks, rats etc. It prefers deep lakes and rivers with muddy ground and lives in sheltered locations in the riverbed.

Most wels catfish are only about 1.6 m but some do grow much bigger. They show no fear and did attack humans in the past in rare instances to protect their nest.

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Welsangeln ist nichts für Weicheier - Fishing for Wels is nothing for "soft eggs"

Welsfischen an der Havel bei Familie Möhring in Parey.

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