Hamburg in Germany

Hamburg in Germany is a City-State, one of the sixteen States of Germany and is the second largest city in Germany (after Berlin) with approximately 1.8 million people. The city is located at the river Elbe. Hamburg has the second largest harbour in Europe. It is the door to the world and a major tourist destination for domestic and overseas visitors, receiving about 7.7 million overnight stays in 2008.

Many people like Hamburg very much, especially the big villas at the river Alster and the amazing atmoshere at the big harbour in the early morning, before the day begins. You can get lost in the maze of canals.

The people in Hamburg are strong and prefer straight talk. They come right to the point and don't waste your time talking meaningless crap. They don't say a lot and don't talk too much without saying anything really, like in other German states. People seem to be more friendly there compared to other German states.

Giant container ships arrive in the huge harbour daily, which is really impressive.

At the Reeperbahn, which is the red light district, you see prostitutes at each corner and the police is driving cars from Mercedes und Bmw.

Eat the amazing weiss bier and pommes.

Grete will show you Hamburg

Hamburg Map

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