Gottingen Germany

Gottingen in Germany is an old university town (university founded in 1737) on the River Leine with a population of 116000 inhabitants surrounded by a ring of gardens. It remained nearly untouched by Allied bombing during World War II.

Good Morning Deutschland - Gottingen

Gottingen Germany

Gottingen is located in the middle of Germany and north east of the city Kassel.

The University of Gottingen for Scholars


- Old Town Hall
- Goose Lizzie Fountain
Tradition requires that every new graduate must kiss her.
- Johanniskirche (St John Church)
- Marienkirche (St Mary's Church)
- Jacobikirche (St James Church)
- Great Hall (Wilhelmsplatz)
- Theaterplatz (Deutsches Theater - German theatre)
- Municipal Museum
- Town Walls

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