Glass recycling in Germany

Glass recycling in Germany is very common and everybody who lives in Germany should know how to do it properly.

Nearly everybody in Germany does glass recycling. This way waste glass is turned into usable products. There are various containers in your district where you live.

Just have a look around in your local neighborhood to find them.

When you have collected some glas bottles, glas jars or broken glasswar of various kinds and colors, you go to the containers next to your home, remove the leads from the bottles and jars and throw them into the right container.

Different Colors

The consumer containers are collecting colorless glass, green glass, and brown/amber glass.

Your bottles and jars have to be separated into different colors before you throw them in because the containers collect different colors of glass separately.

Make sure you throw white glass bottles and jars into the container for white glass. There are also containers for green glass and brown glass.

The bottles that you dump into these containers don't get reused because they recycle the glass, not the bottle, so it doesn't matter if the bottle breaks when you throw it in. Only the bottles that you return to the store are reused. But you can't return all bottles to the store, only some for which you had to pay the deposit. For example, if you buy a glass bottle of ketchup you will not pay any deposit for that, as you would throw this glass bottle into the glass container later on.

Many beer bottles in Germany are sold in glass bottles, you pay a few cents extra for the bottle, but you can return it to any store that sells the same kind of bottles and get the few cents back that you had to pay extra when you bought it.

Don't throw the wrong bottles away

Watch out if you have bottles where you paid a deposit, bottles that have refund on them, these are for example, beer bottles. If you throw them into the container you lose money. Bring them back to the store.

Why does Germany LOVE to Recycle glass?

Any kind of non-returnable bottle or glass jar on which you did not pay a deposit, can be thrown into glass containers. For example: wine bottles, jam glass jars, oil glass bottles and juice bottles.

How to return a German bottle to the Store

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