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The Weather in Germany is different in various German cities. I show the weather for Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg below.

Germany Weather Berlin

Germany Weather Frankfurt/Main

Germany Weather Hamburg

Climate is temperate, most of the time the sky is cloudy and grey. Winters are most of the time not extremely cold, depending where you are. Most part of Germany has cool/temperate climatic weather conditions. In the north the climate is oceanic with lots of rainy days. Winters are mild and summers not very hot.

In the east winters can be very cold for long periods, and summers can become very warm.

In the centre and the south winters are mild and summers tend to be cool. Maximum temperatures can exceed 30 °C (86 °F) for several days in a row during heat waves. Regions in the south-west are the warmest and summers can be hot exceeding 30 °C (86 °F).

The weather in Germany can be quite drastic. See the videos below...

Weather Germany News

Don't say that Germans never laugh. This video proves you wrong. By the way, I can laugh as well. / Ich kann auch lachen.

So, the weather will be fine. No worries!

Germany's climate is mostly temperate. Most of the time there are no extreme temperatures. The Winter is fairly mild in Frankfurt, there might be snow for just three days and that's it, because it melts away within the next day. But you can get freezing temperatures if you travel south or to the east of Germany. In Berlin you have much more snow than in Frankfurt and it stays for weeks to come.

Summer temperatures are between 20°C and 30°C with rainfalls. Always bring a sweater and be prepared for rainy days.

Germans tend to complain about the weather. I am one of them. I dislike grey sky and rainy days. We have very often grey sky here. When it happens again I tell myself that I should migrate to another country. And then I make myself a cup of coffee.

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