Germany Island Foehr

Föhr is a German island located in the North Sea, a bit south of the popular German island Sylt.

germany island foehr

The inhabitants live from tourism and agriculture. They have cows and cultivate oats, wheat, potatoes, maize and you can get fresh milk, butter and cheese.

The biggest town is Wyk. When the weather is bad you go swimming in the seawater swimming pool. It is a nice place for cycling, just rent a bicycle and go on a tour.

Föhr is a recognized spa-town. The climate is mild because the surrounding islands Sylt and Amrun are protecting it from the rough North Sea. For that reason the vegetation is well developed. You can see all kinds of seabirds and nature.

The island is accessible by a car ferry going from Dagebüll to Wyk. I once slept on the beach in a sleeping bag. Föhr is a lovely place to be.

I love Föhr

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