Germany Food

I show you some German food ( Germany Food ) here.
Ich zeige dir hier einige deutsche Lebensmittel.

Try German food, you will love it.
Probiere deutsches Essen, du wirst es lieben.

Very well known is fried sausage and the Bockwurst.
Sehr bekannt ist die Bratwurst und die Bockwurst.


Many types of Wurst....

Bockwurst: is made from fine grounded veal spiced and served with beer.

Weisswurst: is a light coloured sausage made with veal or pork and beef.  Eat it with sweet mustard and pretzel in bavaria at the oktoberfest. But you can buy it in a supermarket elsewhere.

Knackwurst: is a grilled sausage which is served with sauerkraut.

There are many different types of sausages around. You will not get bored. I promise.
By the way, most Germans eat very seldom Sauerkraut. I eat it once in six months. So it is nonsense to say that germans are Sauerkraut Eaters just because we eat it occasionally.

German Weisswurst

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