German Words to avoid

There are certain German words to avoid. If you use them while being with a group of people, there might be a deadly silence at the table or in the meeting.


(Africans)          Kanacken/Kanaken (Turks, other foreigners)
Kameltreiber (dirty Arabs/Turks)    Drecksneger/Neger (Blacks, Africans)
Makkaronis/Itaker (Italians)
Polacken (Poles, polacks)
Parasiten (parasites)    Asylbetrüger (fraudulent asylum-seekers)

Frauen (Women)

alte Hexe  (old witch),  Miststück (bitch)  Weibstück (bitch) dumme Kuh (dumb cow)
Schlampe (slut)    Zicke  (bitch)    zickig (bitchy)   Ziege  (bitch, goat)

Buisiness people

Kapital- und Politbonzen (capitalistic and political bosses )
Jüdisch-kapitalistische Weltverschwörung (Jewish-capitalistic world conspiracy)

Better don't talk about Jews at all as Germans are very touchy about this subject because of the killing of jews in concentration camps during the war.


Faschos (fascists)   Glatzen (skinheads)  Neonazis (neo-Nazis)
Rechtsextremisten (extreme right-wingers)  Skinheads (skinheads)
Ich bin stolz Deutscher zu sein.  (I am proud to be a German. Typical right wing slogan.
If you say this in another country, it is okay, but not in Germany)

Scheisse  (shit)

Dekadente (decadents)    Assis/Asoziale (asocials)

Aschloch (asshole)   Vollidiot (complete idiot)

Drecksack (dirty bag)   

Schwanz  (animal tale, but it has a double meaning! Same word is used often for male sex organ)

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