German Verbs

There are inseparable and separable German verbs.

Verbs with Prefixes

A Prefix changes the meaning of a verb.
Example: kommen, bekommen, ankommen

Ich komme aus Deutschland.  ( I come from Germany. )
Ich bekomme ein Geschenk.  ( I get a present. )
Ich komme in Deutschland an. ( I arrive in Germany. )

German inseparable verbs - these verbs stay as they are and are never separated.

bezahlen - to pay
bekommen - to get, to receive
empfehlen - to recommend
versuchen - to try
zerstören - to destroy
entscheiden - to decide
erklären - to explain
gefallen - to like

German separable verbs - these verbs have to be separated, that means mostly you can't use them like they are now, but have to cut off the prefix and put it at the end.
Example: the prefix of abholen is ab. If you use the verb - abholen - you have to cut off the "ab" in the sentence you create!

Example: Ich hole dich ab. I pick you up. You see that the verb abholen changes into hole ab.
More examples: Du holst mich ab. (You pick me up.) Sie holt mich ab. (She picks me up.)

abholen - to pick up
anrufen - to ring up                 Ich rufe dich an. ( I ring you up. )
aufmachen - to open              Mach die Tür auf!  ( Open the door up )
mitbringen - to take with         Ich bringe ein Geschenk mit. ( I bring a present. )
vorbereiten - to prepare     
weggehen - to go away          Die Mutter geht weg.  ( The mother goes away. )
zusagen - to accept
zurückkommen - to come back    Komm' zurück! ( Come back! )
ausfüllen - to fill in                            Fülle das Formular aus!  (Fill in the form!)
einkaufen - to buy                             Kauf' ein! ( Go shopping! ) 
ausgehen - to go out                       Ich gehe mit Suzi aus. ( I go out with Suzi.)

You can use the above verbs in its original form when you use them as infinitve like to call. In this case you have to put them in the end of a sentence just the way they are listed above.
Ich will Peter anrufen. I want to ring Peter.
Ich möchte nicht mit Suzi ausgehen. I don't want to go out with Suzi.  

You see if you would use the infinitive in english then do the same in german.

How to conjugate a separable verb?
Just the same way as other verbs, but just separate it and put the prefix at the end.
example: anrufen (to ring up)

ich rufe an
du rufst an
er/sie/es ruft an
wir rufen an
ihr ruft an
sie rufen an

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