German Rock Music

I introduce here some of my favourite German rock music from the past. This music had structure and could be remembered and you still recognize it after many years. Not like this rubbish you hear nowadays, most bands today just shout have no idea of structure and have no musical feeling whatsoever.

Best German Rock Band 30 years ago

The best German Rock Music band in the eighties was "Frumpy". For me and many others who are old now, Frumpy was the best German Rock band ever and is still unforgotten in the hearts of their fans.

The singer Inga Rumpf didn't have to sell herself to takshows and had contacts to many and she kept her clothes on.

Frumpy was one of the best Krautrock groups that Germany ever produced. Inga Rumpf has a huge voice and she is absolutely amazing. The sound of Frumpy is complete, rich and full of soul.

Another German rock group was Amon DÜÜL II, one of the founders of the German rock music late 1960 called: Krautrock.

Amon Düül II - Archangel Thunderbird

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