German Pronunciation

German pronunciation is very important in mastering the German language. The following videos should give you some ideas how to pronounce properly.

Well! Some non-native-germans might make small mistakes in pronouncing certain syllables, but please forgive them. The main thing is that you have fun and learn something.

sounds like eeh
examples: die (the), Sie (you), viele (many)


sounds like ow, (as English “ouch”)
for example: Auto (car), automatisch (automatic), auf (on)

ai / ei
sounds like eye
example: Ei (egg), Eisen (iron), Eigentum (property), mein (my), Mai (May, the month)

eu / äu
sounds like oy
example: äusserst (extremely), Häuser (houses), heute (today), Beute (prey),
Leute (people)

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