German People

German People are reserved, punctual, reliable, organized, structured, fault-finding, better-knowing, disciplined, bureaucratic, petty and address matters directly.

These are general characteristics are shown by the whole population, but an individual German can be completely different.

However the business people will have most of these traits. A business cannot function effectively if business people are unpunctual, unreliable and bad informed. In Germany there exist countless rules and regulations. At work there are many written agreements that have to be followed. This makes sure that things in the company are handled in a consistent and reliable way and it avoids uncertain situations.

german people

Germans expect you to address any problems openly and directly, so it can be solved immediately. But it is also important to respect the hierarchy and to talk to the right person in the company, who is competent and can solve the problem at hand.

Before a project is started all problems and processes are analyzed precisely to avoid unforeseen, costly and negative surprizes.

If any problems occur you have to fully inform the german company on time so they can address the problem fast and find solutions early. They don't like to get informed when things run out of hand and when it is too late to do something about it.

Germans usually appear to know everything better because they are well informed about many things and have thought through many problems while foreigner are often not informed. Then they feel inferior. They should listen and learn and not be offended. They can inform themselves later and judge afterwards, but stupid people never learn. Then they say: "He is such a >know-it-all<." And then they continue to do the same nonsense they have done before.

Germans are formal in dress and behaviour. You can't go in shorts to a business meeting and have chewing gum in your mouth. Never be late and don't take part in the meeting unprepared. Don't make jokes and don't flirt with women in a meeting.

Germans are deep thinking and not superficial. They don't like fake behaviour and don't follow double standards. If Germans say something they mean it exact the way they say it. This seems to be rude at times. Often they are in a bad mood because the weather is bad in Germany very often and this reflects in the german mind.

Germans are not diplomatic, but direct. If somebody is always very friendly this appears to be unnatural to a german mind. When I was living in Australia everybody was so friendly I was not used to it. In the beginning I thought: "What have they smoked? Are they on drugs?" This was just normal friendliness that I encountered, but I just couldn't understand it. I thought that there must be something wrong with me and that I never could feel like this. In Australia there is blue sky every day! After a few years I was in a good mood myself nearly all the time.

Germans are not expressing joy very often but run around being serious most of the time. They have a good sense of humour, but it sleeps. Being constantly miserable is not what I like to be. I am a German myself but I have travelled a lot so my mind changed.

Avoid living in a village because the villagers might gossip about you, no matter if you are a foreigner or not. Many people are just so narrow-minded, they just have straw in their heads. I don't know why they are like this, but I hate it and I am a German myself.

If they don't mind their own business and get nasty, you have to take a lawyer, this will stop them. There are laws for everything in Germany and many things are regulated nicely. This is a good thing.

To be able to use a lawyer without paying him you should get a legal insurance. This cost around 17.- Euro per months and opens the door for you to defend against any idiots in Germany, going all the way up to the courts, if necessary. But make sure you collect proof of the things they do to you. Make photos, have witnesses and so on. This is extremely important. Only with proof or sufficient evidence you are going to win any court case. If you lose the case the insurance pays the costs, so what. I could never live in a village myself. This would drive me crazy.

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