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Every country has its own mentality which is the result of history, culture, religious beliefs, climate and other environmental factors.

What's the difference in mentality between a German and an Australian?

This is an interesting question because both countries are located extremely far away from each other, Germany is in the Northern Hemisphere and Australia in the Southern Hemisphere so it can be safely assumed that the German Mentality is different compared to the Australian Mentality.

Both countries are very different in many aspects and so you could ask if there is also a difference in thinking between the German and the Australian mind.

Well, I will tell you a little story now and make it quite clear, using a real-life example.

German Mentality - The Teacher

There was a school teacher called Joe, who was a teacher from Australia. He was working at a German school for some time to gain more experience in teaching and to improve his German at the same time.

It was winter and the snow was hanging in the trees. One day the Australian teacher had a break and was going to have his lunch. He entered the teachers rest room and sat down on a chair to relax.

It was a nice day and everything was fine. Suddenly the door opened and another teacher, a real German, came in.
"My name is Hampel", he said to Joe.
"Nice to meet you", said Joe.
Teacher Hampel was standing there for a few seconds, apparently waiting for something to happen.
"Well, Why don't you get up?" Mr. Hampel asked.
"Why that? What do you mean?" Joe asked.
"Because this is my chair", the German teacher answered.
"What are you talking about? There are a lot of other chairs around, just sit on another one", said Joe wondering about all this senseless talk.

And then came an incredible statement:
"I have sat on this chair since twenty years and so this is my chair!" Hampel said.

And then came an incredible answer:
"Get lost, or I cut your balls off!"

Do you understand now the difference in mentality between a German and an Australian?

German thinking is more structured, deeper and less flexible. Germans tend to obey old rules or social habits, if they make sense or not. Whereas the Australian mind is very much to the point, keen to solve the problem immediately and can adjust to new situations quickly.

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