German Lesson - conjugate German Verbs

In this German lesson I show you how to conjugate the most important German verbs.

Every verb has an "infinitive" form. It is like the "to" form in English. For example the verb "to go" is the infinitive form and "he goes" is a conjugated form.

The German equivalent of "to go" is "gehen". The basic part of each verb is called a "stem".
For gehen you get the stem after you remove the ending "en" which is geh-.

 If you want to use the verb in a sentence you must conjugate the verb, which means you must add the correct ending to the stem.

If you say "ich gehe", translated "I am going" or "I go", you add the "e" to the stem "geh" and transform the verb to gehe. There is no special way to say "I am going" or "I am getting" etc. in german.
"Ich gehe" means both: "I go" and  "I am going."
Every personal Pronoun like he, she, it, you, they or we, require their own ending on the verb. This is called: conjugating the verb.
 To speak german correctly you must conjugate german verbs the right way.

Conjugate - Present tense              Past

sein (to be)

haben (to have)


werden (to become)

können  (can, to be able)

müssen (must, have to)

wollen (want to)

mögen (like)

gehen ( to go )

wohnen ( to live, to reside )   essen ( to eat )           gehen ( to go )

ich wohne                                   ich esse                         ich gehe
du wohnst                                   du isst                            du gehst
er/sie/es wohnt                          er isst                             er geht
wir wohnen                                 wir essen                       wir gehen
ihr wohnt                                     ihr esst                           ihr geht
sie wohnen                                sie essen                       sie gehen

arbeiten ( to work )                   leben ( to live )

ich arbeite                                  ich lebe
du arbeitest                                du lebst
er arbeitet                                   er lebt
wir arbeiten                                 wir leben
ihr arbeitet                                  ihr lebt
sie arbeiten                                sie leben

Übung (exercise)

...... wohnt in Berlin.         (feminine)
...... isst gerne Brot.         (masculine)
...... gehe nach Hause.     
...... arbeitest viel.        
...... lebt in Deutschland.  (feminine)

Conjugate  - Futur

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