German Language Lessons

These German Language Lessons will help you to learn important German words and phrases to get along in Germany.

I selected some videos for you to learn important German phrases. You don't need to learn grammar in the beginning. Just listen to conversational German.

Get to know some basic words first. This helps a lot if you go to a German supermarket to get some food.

If you don't know the word for bread then you have a problem, but if you don't know any grammar, who cares. You still get what you want if you know the right word for what you want to buy. Right?

Start learning the German Alphabet first.

German Spelling

German Spelling is a bit different compared to English.
The following words are written in Capital Letters;

all Nouns:
uch, Auto, Haus  (book, car, house)

Verbs which are nominalized:
das Singen, das Suchen, das Sprechen (the singing, the searching, the speaking)

nominalized adjectives:
etwas Schlechtes (something bad)
etwas Gutes (something good )

Basic Conversation

Video above - German Phrases

Hallo! Wie geht's Ihnen? (Hello! How are you?)
Spaß (fun)   Einkaufen (Shopping)   Stadt (City)   Ja, sehr viel. (Yes, very much)
saufender Pöbel (drinking crowd)    
Sie dürfen mich ruhig duzen. (You are allowed to say "du" )
Viel Zeit heute in der Stadt verbracht, schon? (Much time today spent in the city, already)
Nur beim Kaffeetrinken in einem Cafe. (only drinking coffee in a cafe)
Ein bisschen (a bit)      so eine Stunde (about an hour)
Für eine Frau nicht viel. (for a woman not much)
nee, aber sehr, sehr lange halte ich es nicht aus, zu voll.
(literally: no, but very, very long, I can't stand it, too full.)
Dann wünsche ich ihnen eine schönen Tag. (then I wish you a nice day)
Ist das eine Tuba? (Is this a Tuba?)
Und selbst? (and yourself?)  Nein, danke (No, thank you)

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