German Greetings

German greetings help you to get along easier. People think you can speak some German, even if this is not the case. But you get some acknowledgement for that.

Wie geht es Dir? How are you?  
Wie geht's? How are you? ( informal, familiar )
Wie geht es Ihnen? How are you? (polite, formal)

Danke, gut! (fine, thanks)
Sehr gut! (very well)
Es geht (Ok, so-so)
Nicht so gut! (not very well)

Guten Morgen! (good morning) Guten Abend! (good evening) Gute Nacht! (good night)
Guten Tag! (good day) You can use this any time during the day.

Auf Wiedersehen! (good-bye)
Mach's gut! (do it well, bye)

Saying Goodbye in German

Good Morning

Happy Birthday

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