German Conversation

I know it is hard to follow a German conversation in the beginning because your ear is just too slow to pick it up. But if you hear it often enough it finally starts to sink in.

Try to memorize certain phrases which occur very often and start from there.
Just keep on listening and make a trip to germany one day. This will definitely improve your German as you will be listening to it all day long.

Im Flugzeug (in the plane)

Stewardess: Etwas zu trinken? (something to drink?)
Nobi: Ja, bitte. (yes, please)
Stewardess: Kaffee oder Tee? (Coffee or Tea?)
Nobi: Kaffee, bitte. (Coffee, please)
Stewardess: Milch und Zucker? (Milk and Sugar?)
Nobi: Nein, schwarz bitte. (No, black please)
Stewardess: Bitte sehr. (Here you are)
Nobi: Danke sehr. Eine Frage bitte, wann sind wir in Frankfurt? (Thank you. A question please, when are we in Frankfort? (when do we get to Frankfort) )
Stewardess: In zwei Stunden. (In two hours)
Nobi: Danke. Sagen Sie, sind sie aus Thailand? (Thank you, Tell me, are you from Thailand?)
Stewardess: Nein, ich bin aus Malaysia und sie? (No, I am from Malaysia and you?)
Nobi: Ich bin Deutscher. (I am german)
Stewardess: Ah, Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute Reise. Auf Wiedersehen. (Ah. I wish you a good voyage. Bye bye)
Nobi: Bis bald. (bye)

Questions in german:
Wo ist das Hotel? Where is the hotel?
Woher kommen sie? Where do you come from?
Wann sind wir da? When are we there?
Warum ist die Tür zu (geschlossen)? Why is the door closed?
Wie komme ich nach Berlin? How do I get to Berlin?

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