German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Try this German chocolate cake recipe and I wish you a good appetite.

This is for ONE portion. You have to multiply the ingredients if you make more portions. If you want two portions then multiply all this by two.

250 g butter or margarine
250 g sugar
5 eggs
100 g hazelnut, grinded
2 teaspoonful of cinnamon
2 tablespoonful of cocoa powder
6 tablespoonful of rum
½ cup coffee, lukewarm
250 g flour (spelt flour)
1 pkt baking powder

- make cake batter, fill dough in a greased ring shaped cake pan
- preheat the oven
- baking time: 45 - 55 min at 180 °C.
- after cooling down put chocolate-icing over it or powdered sugar.

Get the idea!

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