German Cake

This traditional german cake is called "Stollen". It is usually made at Christmas time.

The Christmas Stollen is a loaf shaped bread-like fruitcake which is powdered with icing sugar. It is made with chopped candied fruit, dried fruit, nuts and spices.

The "Stollen" was baked in Dresden/Germany already in the 15th century. In 1560 the bakers of Dresden baked 36 pounds Stollen and offered them as gift to the rulers.

For example, Augustus II the Strong (1670 –1733), King of Poland, who loved pomp and feasts ordered in 1730 to create a giant Stollen of 1.7 Tonne (ton), big enough for everyone to have a portion.

How about making a huge Stollen for the whole family, your friends and neighbours.

german cake

370 g  Mehl  (flour)
  30 g  Hefe  (yeast)
  95 g  Milch  (milk)
  20 g  Marzipan   (marzipan)
190 g  Margarine (margarine)
  40 g Zucker        (sugar)
    7 g Salz             (salt)
300 g Rosinen      (raisins)
110 g Mandeln     (almond)   
  95 g Zitronat       (candied lemon peel)
  40 g Orangeat    (candied orange peel)
  35 g Rum            (rum)
  45 g Biskin ( Margarine )
Puderzucker, soviel du brauchst  - powdered sugar as much you need

Vorher: Früchte in Rum einen Tag vorher einlegen und ziehen lassen.
A day before put fruits into rum and let them soak in.

Hefe in erwärmte Milch rühren und mit Mehl mischen und zu einem Teig verarbeiten.
Put yeast into warm milk and mix it with flour and work it to a dough.

Danach Margarine, Mandeln, Zucker, Salz und Marzipan hinzufügen und im Teig verkneten.
After that add magarine, almond, sugar, salt, marzipan and work it in.

Danach die im Rum liegenden Früchte hinzugeben und kneten. Dann Teig in die gefettete Stollenform einlegen.
After that add the fruits (rum) and work it. Then put the dough into the greased cake pan.

Backzeit: 60 Minuten bei 210 Celsius
baking time: 60 minutes at 210 C

Nach dem Backen zuerst Abkühlen lassen und dann mit Margarine bestreichen und Zucker darauf streuen.
When baked, let it cool down and spread margarine over it and sprinkle sugar on it.

Wenn der Stollen kalt ist, dann Puderzucker darauf streuen.
When the Stollen is cold, sprinkle powdered sugar on it.

See video below for another Stollen recipe and how to make it

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