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Most Germans eat whole-grain bread (dark bread), not white bread. Dark bread supports your health. White bread is rubbish, because a lot of vitamins and minerals are taken out through industrial processing. I never eat white bread as this is a waste of time as there is almost nothing in it. I can grab a piece of white bread, squeeze it with my hands to almost nothing and throw it away. This is just crap.

The whole German nation eats dark bread. This is one of the secret reasons why Germans are able to work more efficient than other nations as they eat dark bread every day. This way they benefit from the full power of whole grains.

This may not be clear to the minds of outsiders, but it is to mine. If you eat "white rubbish" every day for the rest of your life this will eventually undermine your health and this again will undermine your work output. It is as simple as that.

Types of whole-grain Bread

Wheat whole-grain Bread contains at least 90 percent of Wheat.

Rye whole-grain Bread contains at least 90 Prozent of Rye.

Mixed Whole-Grain Bread contains at least 90 percent Rye and Wheat.

german bread

Some people believe that the reason why whole-grain bread is of dark color is because there is dirt in it, as the flour is still natural. They think that white bread is better because it is cleaned. This is, of course, sheer nonsense. Dark bread is dark because its flour is not refined through industrial processes which remove the good things and sell them separately. This process makes the flour white.

Most of whole-grain bread still has its natural color. The Color can be changed somewhat by adding natural ingredients such as mollasses, but it is still whole grain bread, which originally has a natural darkish color. White bread is white, as there is not much in it that has any nutritional value. Avoid everything that is white, like white rice, white flour and white spaghetti. All these foods are processed and are unnatural.

In short: White Flour = White Poison

Fresh dark bread in Germany is free from preservatives and artificial colors by law. Only if bread is packed then some sorts are not, but open your eyes and read the text on the label, or buy fresh bread only.

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