How to use the Frankfurt Ticket Machine

I made a photo of the Frankfurt Ticket Machine ( Frankfurter Fahrkartenautomat ) in a suburb to show you how it looks like. I am talking here about local tickets, not nationwide tickets.

If you go from Frankfurt to Berlin you use another ticket machine. (see bottom of page).

Never ever use the S-Bahn or Subway without a ticket. You can't get a ticket in the S-Bahn or Subway. There is nobody to buy tickets from. If you get caught without a ticket you have to pay around 40.-€!

frankfurt ticket machine

At the end of the selection process you throw the coins into the marked slot on top. If you have no cash then use bills.

You put money bills into the marked slot below. If this doesn't work, then turn them around. You probably inserted them the wrong way.

1. First click on a Destination button. (example: City Frankfurt am Main)

After this you will see the image below.

frankfurt ticket

2. Select the kind of ticket you want. If you are an adult then choose "Einzelfahrt" for a one way ticket. / See image below

frankfurt ticket

3. Throw in the coins (or bills) after the price is shown. (see arrows on first image)


Wählen Sie bitte ihr Fahrtziel - Please select your destination

Wählen Sie bitte Ihre Fahrkartenart - Please select your ticket type

Erwachsene - adults (grown ups)
Kinder - children

Einzelfahrt - Single Trip (single ticket - goes one way only)
Tageskarte - Day Ticket (you can use it for this day only)

Wochenkarte - Week Ticket (you can use it for one week only)

Monatskarte - Month Ticket (valid for one month, it starts from the date when you buy it)

Gruppentageskarte - Group Day Ticket for 5 people

Stadtgebiet - City Area

Nationwide Tickets

If you need a nationwide ticket, for example from Frankfurt to Berlin, then better go to a ticket office or you might go crazy using a ticket machine, as this is very complicated. If you are a foreigner then the ticket machine probably will make you dizzy in the head and you might end up in despair.

However I inserted a video for you below that shows how you can buy a nationwide ticket below. It is in German but it still should be able to help you a bit.

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