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Weather Frankfurt am Main

In winter Frankfurt looks like on the picture below which was taken at the end of December.

germany weather

The city Frankfurt/Main is one of the warmest cities in Germany. The average temperature is 9,7 C

In winter the daily medium highest average temperature is 3,8 C. At night the medium lowest temperature is -1,1 C.

In summer the highest medium temperature is around 25 C.

The clima is very mild. In winter there is snow just for a few days, on average for 7 days. But it melts soon. If you want to see snow then take the S-Bahn to Hofheim/Ts (direction Niedernhausen) which is located near the Taunus mountain range. The ride takes just about 25 minutes from Frankfurt Main Station.

germany weather

In Hofheim, which is a nice town, you can wander to the snowy forest. See image above

Frankfurt/Main Germany

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