Frankfurt Attractions

I will list some frankfurt attractions below. There are various places and parks to see.

frankfurt attractions
Take the bus and have a look around in Frankfurt/Main.

Frankfurt/Main Christmas Market

The Römer

frankfurt attractions

The Römer is the city hall of Frankfurt where the burgomaster resides. It is located a few hundred meters from the river Main and is one of the most beautiful city halls in Germany. On its impressive balcony many politicians have held their speeches in the past.

Transport connection
Underground Lines 4/5, tram line 11/12 Römer

Postal Address:
Römerberg 27
60311 Frankfurt am Main


frankfurt attractions

The Römerberg is right in front of the Römer and is used for markets, exhibitions and feasts and was one of the most beautiful places in the Roman Empire in the 16 th century.

frankfurt attractions

From this time you can admire the Fountain of Justice which is Frankfurts first fountain.


frankfurt attractions

You can see the Cathedral from the Römerberg. It is just a few minutes walk from the Römer.

It has a 95 m high tower and was used to crown kings between 1562 and 1792.

Right beside the Cathedral you can see the Archaeological Garden with excavations of a Roman settlement.

frankfurt attractions
View along the river "Main" to the Cathedral (see above)

Underground Lines 4/5, use tram line 11/12 until Römer
Dom St. Bartholomäus
Domplatz 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main

The Zeil

frankfurt attractions
Walking along the Zeil

View across the main shopping arcade (The Zeil) through to the Cathedral. Leave underground train at Stations Konstablerwache or Hauptwache to arrive at "die Zeil".

Historisches Museum

It is on the Römerberg. You can walk there. There are special exhibitions about a wide range of activities.

St. Paul's Church

frankfurt attractions
See above / St. Paul's Church

Just walk past the Römer to the Paulsplatz where you see St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche) constructed in red sandstone. It was the seat of the first German national assembly (1848/49) symbolizing the German democracy.

frankfurt attractions
View to St. Paul's Church (See above)

Iron Bridge (Eiserner Steg)

frankfurt attractions

This bridge is over one hundred years old and located near the Römer. Just walk a few hundred meters to the river Main and you can see it.

If you walk over the bridge you reach the suburb Sachsenhausen. There are a lot of pubs where you can drink Apfelwein (cider) and get drunk.

Or go to the Main and relax on the gras...see below

frankfurt attractions

frankfurt attractions

St. Leonhard's Church

Walk to the street called "Buchgasse" where you can enter the church.

Sankt Leonhardskirche
Am Leonhardstor 25
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Old Opera House (Alte Oper)

frankfurt attractions

Eschenheimer Turm

frankfurt attractions


frankfurt attractions




frankfurt attractions

Ostpark (Eastpark) in Frankfurt-Ostend

Frankfurt Attractions
(Eastpark) Photo made by Dontworry


A nice suburb is Bornheim (Berger Strasse) or Nordend.

Take the S-Bahn from Frankfurt Hbf (main station) to the multi-cultural suburb Frankfurt-Höchst that is located near the river Main. To get there takes around 20 minutes by train. You can take a walk or cycle along the Main. You are allowed to take your bicycle with you in the S-Bahn or train without additional costs.

Cycle along the river "Main" from Frankfurt-Höchst back to Frankfurt.(This takes less than 1 hour)

frankfurt attractions
(See above) Along the river Main from Höchst to Frankfurt City.

frankfurt attractions
Frankfurt City/Kaiserstrasse, near Main Station(Hbf)

Or cycle along the river Nidda from Frankfurt-Höchst to Nied, then to Rödelheim and further to Frankfurt.

frankfurt attractions
Frankfurt-Höchst, at the "Nidda"

The "Nidda" is a small river which is flowing into the river "Main" in Frankfurt Höchst.(see picture above)

frankfurt attractions
Cycle along the "Nidda" to Frankfurt (see picture above)

Outer Places

Take a train to Hofheim am Taunus which takes around 25 minutes from Frankfurt Hbf (main station). Hofheim is a nice town near great forests where you can wander or do extensive cycling. Get some fresh air.

Or take a train to Eppstein and have a nice day out. Eppstein is on the same line than Hofheim/Ts and just two stations further away. You might visit the two towns in one day. This would be a nice trip.

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