Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany is done at the right hand side of the road. There are high speed Autobahns, but they are regulated by many speed limit signs that force you to cut down your speed frequently. This is a frustrating experience to many drivers. Recommended driving speed is 130 km/h.

Speed control is necessary as Germany has more traffic volume than other nations in Europe and a high. Make sure you know the traffic signs as many are different from those in the United States.

You must use your seat belts or you get fined. You must carry your driving licence and registration papers.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to ride in the front seat You must use a children's safety seat.

The Police is constantly controlling the Autobahn in civil cars so you will not recognize them until it is too late. Always overtake another car in the left lane. But don't stay in the left lane longer than necessary as other cars might approach at high speed and are right behind you. If you keep driving in the left lane you get fined.

Don't talk on the cell phone and never drink alcohol while driving. If you get caught you will lose your license for a specified period of time.

If you come from the right you have the right of way unless signs indicate otherwise. Pedestrians have the right of way. Make sure you watch out when you turn right as you may hit a cyclist or pedestrian.

If you are involved in a accident stop immediately, switch on emergency flash lights, set up your warning triangle, move your vehicle to the side of the road. Assist the injured, call and cooperate with the police and don't leave the scene of the accident.

Do NOT admit any guilt. (or you might lose insurance protection) Do NOT sign anything.


limited stop sign

Park here no longer than 10 minutes or you get booked.
This sign is a restricted stop sign for delivery and for unloading and loading activities.

stop sign

Never stop here or you get booked right away. This is an absolute stop sign.


This is the Parking Sign


Whatever you do, never ever park when you see this sign. It is for disabled people only. If you park here then you not only get booked a high amount (35,-Euro), but the police will remove your car and you have to pay the removal cost which run at about 250,- Euro.

Der Hilfspolizist ( auxiliary policeman )

A policeman reported...

A policeman in Frankfurt, who writes notices of monetary penalty for parking offenses was asked by a pedestrian, if he could make an emergency call using his walky-talky.

Ein Polizist in Frankfurt, der Bußgeldbescheide schrieb wegen Falschparkens, wurde von einem Fußgänger gefragt, ob er einen Notruf mit seinem Funkgerät machen könne.

The policeman aked why he should do that and the man reported that the genitals of a homeless drunk man were hanging out for everyone to see. The homeless was sitting at the front door of a warehouse at the other side of the road.

Der Polizist fragte, warum er dies tun solle, und der Mann berichtete, dass die Genitalien eines obdachlosen betrunkenen Mannes heraushingen, so das jeder sie sehen könne. Der Obdachlose saß vor der Eingangstür eines Kaufhauses auf der anderen Seite der Strasse.

The policeman was hesitating calling the city police because of this and started arguing with the man, asking what the police should be doing about this problem (to solve this problem). The homeless probably will eventually notice, that his genitals are hanging out and will finally solve the problem himself.

Der Polizist zögerte wegen dieser Sache die Stadtpolizei zu rufen und begann mit dem Mann zu diskutieren und fragte ihn, was die Polizei tun sollte, um dieses Problem zu lösen. ( lösen - to solve, to solve this problem )
Der Obdachlose wird wahrscheinlich bald sehen, dass seine Genitalien heraushängen und wird schließlich das Problem selbst lösen.

But the man got angry and demanded to know the policemans name and so the policeman felt pressured and called the city police with his walky-talky. After that the man left him alone and he started doing his job again and continued writing tickets. But the policeman was very upset about this incident. He didn't look at the homeless and did his job.

Aber der Mann wurde ärgerlich und wollte den Namen des Polizisten wissen und der Polizist. fühlte sich unter Druck gesetzt und rief die Stadtpolizei mit seinem Funkgerät. Danach ließ der Mann ihn in Ruhe und er setzte seine Arbeit fort und schrieb Bußgeldbescheide. Aber der Polizist war sehr verärgert über diese Sache. Er beachtete den Obdachlosen nicht, sondern machte seine Arbeit. 

After half an hour he noticed that the homeless was gone and saw him searching in public rubbish bins. He was dressed normally. At this moment the policeman felt right about his decision to leave the homeless in peace. But he was still angry at the man who bothered him with this nonsense, disrupting him in his peaceful job and annoying the homeless man in calling the city police.   

Nach einer halben Stunde sah er, dass der Obdachlose gegangen war, und sah ihn wie er Mülltonnen durchsuchte. Er war normal gekleidet. In diesem Moment fühlte der Polizist, das seine Entscheidung richtig war, den Obdachlosen in Frieden zu lassen. Aber er war immer noch verärgert über den Mann, der ihn wegen diesem Unsinn belästigt hatte, seine friedliche Arbeit unterbrochen hatte, und den Obdachlosen verärgert hatte, indem er die Polizei rief.

A policeman reported...

An angry man came to the policeman while he was writing notices of penalty for parking offenses. The man had one of the notices in his hands and came shouting to the policeman. "Why did you give me this notice?" he asked. "Delete this!" His head was quite read and the policeman was hoping that this man will calm down.

"You have parked your car in the bus area. This is not allowed."
"Why did you give this ticket to me! Take it out..!"
"Listen! I explain it to you again. It is not allowed to park in the bus area. This area is only for buses. You have parked in the bus area."

The man was still very angry holding the notice in his hands ripping it into small pieces and threw them on to the street, forgetting that he was holding his handy in the same hand.

The handy crashed to the floor came right under a wheel of a car that was passing by.
The car destroyed the man's handy completely. The pieces of the handy were scattered all over the place.

The policeman started getting a laughing attack and was holding his hand in front of his mouth to avoid laughing. He knew that this would upset the man completely and he would have probably hit the policeman.

So the policeman went quietly away to a corner behind a house and bursted out laughing. 

A policeman reported...

The policeman went around the corner and what did he see? Somebody parked nicely right after the stop sign and obstructed the entrance for the fire brigade. He punched in the cars registration number into his handheld computer and all the other details. When he was nearly finished a man came out of the door and asked him what he is doing.

The policeman said that he has parked his car right after the stop sign and that this is not allowed.

The man said, that he went into this shop nearby for a couple of minutes to pick up something. The policeman punched in the last details into the computer and the man insisted to take him out of the computer. The policeman said, that he will not do that because everybody is asking for that.

Then he printed out the penalty notice and gave it to the man. The man became angry and said, then he will keep parking here because he got the notice now anyway and wanted to go back into the shop..

The policeman said: "If you don't move your car, I will call the police station and get your car removed."

Full of anger the man jumped into his car and said: "Evil people get always what they deserve."

"I am just doing my job", said the policeman. You placed your car directly in front of the entrance for the fire brigade and if I don't give you a notice you will park here again tomorrow....

The man drove away without understanding.

A former policeman reported

I got fired, because I didn't write enough notices of penalty a day. I produced an average number of penalty notices of around 34 to 40 a day after two months of working there, but I still got sacked. They didn't give me the time to get faster and better. 

I had no rights whatsoever because I was not employed by the Strassenverkehrsamt directly but outsourced by another firm. The firm trains the help-policemen for two weeks and just sent them to the Strassenverkehrsamt to do the job.

I did the job for two months and got better and better. One day I came to work and after three hours of work, they fired me for no reason, not even telling me that I was fired, but the boss just rung up my firm's secretary and told another employee that he should tell me that I should ring up my company's office, which I did. The secretary told me on the phone that I had to clear my locker and return the locker key and my identity card immediately to the Strassenverkehrsamt and come to her office. At this moment I realized that I was fired.

I returned to the company that I worked for, taking the subway and had to sign up my dismissal paper and the secretary told me that my job performance has been insufficient.
That's what the Strassenverkehrsamt told her anyway on the phone before. So she had no choice but to fire me because she had no other work for me.

They treat people like shit. When you went to work you never knew if this day was your last working-day or not.

That's the way how they use people. They keep the ones who write the most penalty notices and fire the rest. They never talk to you about a problem to give you a second chance but just get you fired. After some time they have accumulated the fastest writers who produce over 50 to 100 notices of penalty daily. This makes a lot of money for the Frankfurt City council that is deeply indebted.

The debt of Frankfurt are around three billion Euro on August 2009, growing 46 Cent per second. Every person in Frankfurt statistically carries 4431 Euro debt, which is one of the highest in Hessen.

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