Black Forest Germany

The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is the biggest and highest wooded mountain range in Germany consisting mostly of pine trees. The highest mountain is the Feldberg (4,898 ft).

The region of the Schwarzwald is near the river Rhine and has a length of 160 km and a width of around 60 km. There are also many rivers and lakes.

Many tourists love the Black Forest so tourism is the main industry. There are many long distance footpaths on which you can explore the forest. Most popular is "der Westweg" going from Pforzheim to Basel.

Long Distance Footpath

Enjoy terrific nature and walk along the various footpath.

  • Westweg Pforzheim–Basel
  • Mittelweg Pforzheim-Waldshut
  • Ostweg Pforzheim-Schaffhausen
  • Querweg Rottweil-Lahr (4 days)
  • Querweg Gengenbach-Alpirsbach (2–3 days)
  • Hansjakobweg I (Rundweg 3 days)
  • Hansjakobweg II (Rundweg 4 days)
  • and there are more...

    black forest germany

    Driving through the Black Forest, Germany

    Taken mostly from the car driving through Bad Saeckingen, Rickenbach-Egg, Jungholz, Bergsee, Murg, Niederhof.

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