Bitburg Germany

Bitburg is a city in Western Germany and has 13500 inhabitants. It was 85% destroyed by air raids in 1944, and later designated by the Americans as a 'dead city'.

Bitburg Germany

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In Bitburg the well known Bitburger beer is produced. The brewery ranks number 3 among Germany's best selling breweries. The best known product being Bitburger Premium Pils.

Reagan at Bitburg Germany May 5 1985 (Complete)

Drive through old Bitburg Housing 9/8/13

American soldiers were stationed at Bitburg but now the housing blocks are shut down.

Skydive Compilation Bitburg and Lützellinden Germany

Autofahrt durch Bitburg, 09.10.1988, Drive trough Bitburg, 9th Oct.1988

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