Amusement Parks in Germany

Sierksdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) Hansapark

hansa park rollercoaster germany

The steepest extreme rollercoaster worldwide is in the Hansa Park near Sierksdorf northeast of Germany at the Ostsee (East Sea) near Lüebeck.

It is called the "Curse of Novgorod" and is a themed ride that features several dark tunnels, inversions, and a 62MPH launch!

Fluch von Novgorod Onride Hansa Park

Holstein Turm - Hansa Park [OnRide]

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Bottrop Kirchhellen (Nordrhein-Westfalen) Movie Park

movie park germany

from Frankfurt/Main to Moviepark - see below

movie park germany

The Movie Park Germany near Bottrop-Kirchhellen is a seasonal amusement park with movie-themed rides.

See Zombies, Vampires, Vetter Itt from the Addams Family, watch stunts, parades, go to the Western Town or do other things.

Movie Park Bottrop-Kirchhellen Side Kick

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Rust (Baden-Württemberg) Europa-Park

europa park germany

The popular Europa-Park is located between Freiburg and Strasbourg (France) southwest of Germany in Rust. It is the largest theme park in Germany.

It has eleven roller coasters and other attractions and the park can accommodate up to 50,000 guests per day.

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Günzburg (Bayern) Legoland

Legoland Germany is situated in the Bavarian town Günzburg south of Germany not far from Munich and has around 1,3 Million visitors yearly. Legoland belongs to the most popular tourist attractions in Bayern and is very suitable for kids.

The Lego themed park rides appear as if they are built out of Lego bricks.

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legoland germany

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Holiday Park Plopsa at Hassloch (Rheinland-Pfalz)

movie park germany

The Holiday Park is located south-west of Mannheim.

Kids enjoy the Nostalgic carousel, Balloon Race, Bee whirl, Bounty Tower, Dancing Fountains and other attractions.

Address: HolidayPark, Holiday-Park-Str. 1-5, D-67454 Hassloch

By Car
Only 20 minutes from Mannheim
Only 30 minutes from Heidelberg
Only 60 minutes from Ramstein

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Holiday Park Plopsa Hassloch

Soltau (Niedersachsen)

Hodenhagen (Niedersachsen) (Serengeti-Park)

Cleebronn (Baden-Württemberg) Tripsdrill

Leipzig (Belantis)

Brühl (Nordrhein-Westfahlen) Phantasialand

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